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    What have you been drinking while sending out the ratings??!

    Surely you must have been drugged when doing these. It's a total mess!! The link for premier league takes you to the conference. The link for spain takes you to the premier league ratings. English first is in fact spain and finally Deutschland rlg takes you to the english 1st. What the hell happened??

    Right! I was also searching for some time, to find the ratings i want to see...


      Sorry ...

      ... it is right that there is some mess in the links to the ratings this time. But mistakes happen, dont they? We have been sending around 350 rating tables so far, and now for the first time 4 of them (in fact just 2x2) are wrong. So thats a rate of just 1%.

      Further, I am confident that you will look at all tables anyway so that shouldnt do so much harm.

      But I promise to check next time more precisely ... ;-)

      cu, Alp


        No Prob at all

        I just found it a bit funny
        Didn't mean to you.
        Sorry if you read it like that.
        Think you're doing a great job with the ratings


          Thats ok dude ... :-)

          Yours, Alp


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