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    BAW wird immer lächerlicher

    von einer anderen Wettseite...

    05/08/2003 18:09 - Difficult time for bookmakers...

    Lets take a look here:

    "Your account has been closed by our Security Department. We are not happy with one of the games you placed your bet on, and this is currently being investigated. We may contact the police in order to check on the possible fradulent game. We will keep you informed about this issue, but are unable to pay out any funds until this matter is resolved."

    Best regards,

    We received this email from some visitors here, who are clients of BAW bookmaker and received this when they asked for the fact they could not login to their accounts.
    By coincidence all those bettors had a bet on the same Eastern Soccer game. This is not first time BAW sent the exactly same email. They did it again after an Intertotto game that ended with draw.

    i will call the police the next time i loose a bet at baw
    Gut Wett!

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      Die sind wirklich total geistesgestört....


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