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    German/Austrian/Swiss bookmakers

    Hi guys!

    I have been into sportsbetting now for more than 5 years and have though about adding some Central-European bookmakers to my portfolio.

    The main reason is, that whereas most of them are honest (I assume Bets4all is just an exception) they do offer very good odds indeed. However I have noticed that many of them also give silly limits without no reasoning and they do limits players very quickly.

    An another reason adding them to my portfolio is, that their odds are always very different from many internet-based Bookies and they do offer a wide range of markets that might not be available anywhere else.

    Interwetten-Extremly lucrative odds, however no use do to quick limits in category 1-5€.

    bwin-The odds are often from another planet, especially in smaller events. Also very quickly low limits.

    Admiralbet-From time to time very good odds, used them only for one month now,personal limits 100€.

    Leonbets-They seem to copy their odds from Betfair, with much worser odds, however no commission.

    Youwin, Wettpunkt, Tipico-Just recenty opened account to these bookmakers.

    Any local bookmakers you can recommend? The most important criteria is briefly:

    1. Good limits

    2. Lot´s(?) of ice-hockey events, icehockey livebetting.

    Thanks in advance.

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