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wie dreckig geht es eigentlich notts county...

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    wie dreckig geht es eigentlich notts county...

    also, es is schon erstaunlich, was alles gemacht wird, um den ältesten club englands zu retten, hab grad folgende mail bekommen:
    Save Notts County campaign supported by ThePool.com
    Newest online betting site to help save oldest club

    ThePool.com, the new player-friendly online pool betting business, announces today a fund-raising initiative in aid of Notts County, the world’s oldest league football club. Following discussions with representatives of the Notts County Supporters Trust, ThePool.com will be offering two new ways for all supporters of the heritage of football to support this historical club.

    Between now and December 9th, the deadline for Notts County to raise a substantial sum of money or face going out of business, ThePool.com will:

    - donate a fixed amount for each new player on ThePool.com
    - donate the entire commission from a specially created Notts County pool, featuring every match the club play during this time.

    John Paul, spokesperson for ThePool.com, says, “Many clubs have faced administration in recent times, but as the oldest football league club in the world, Notts County’s plight is particularly upsetting. At ThePool.com we felt it was important for us to redirect some of the money that is generated at the top end of the game to those clubs who represent the heart and soul of British football.” “This initiative enables all real football fans, irrespective of the club they support, to help save Notts County, and at the same time enjoy the simple, fun and rewarding betting experience available at ThePool.com.”

    David Hindley, of the Notts County Supporters Trust, says, “We welcome the support of ThePool.com, who are helping us save not only our club but also a piece of history. We invite all supporters of club football, wherever they are, to go to ThePool.com, play, have fun and help save Notts County.”

    ThePool.com is also the first online betting company to advertise on television, and the frontman of ThePool.com’s advertising campaign, Rodney Marsh, says, “We’re all guilty of focussing on the glamorous side of football, but it’s vital for the future of the game in this country that all league football is healthy. I am proud to be associated with this cause, and would encourage everyone who likes a bet on football to sign up with ThePool.com and help save a famous club.”

    Some of the unique features available at ThePool.com:

    - User friendly website, easy three-step registration, simple “click and bet”
    - Colourful dynamic matrix with options magnified as you scroll over them
    - Free SMS message with your odds when pool closes, free SMS if you win
    - Over twenty different ways to pay into your account or receive your winnings
    - NEW: play the POUNDPOOLBET by funding your account with one phone call !
    - Stake money is divided among the winners, so generally better odds
    - A true people to people betting experience !

    For further information
    Media information: PR@ThePool.com
    Technical information / how to play, please visit: www.ThePool.com

    ThePool.com is owned by Sports Media Ventures Ltd., St. James House, 13 Kensington Square, London W8 5HD
    Incorporated in the UK and the license holder of a Bookmaker’s Permit according to the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act, 1963 and of a Pools Promoter License No. 778262/03 under the Act
    Habt Mitleid...

    Spezistand (27.06.2008):
    Wintersport: 2428,50 eh, Deutschland: 1113,36 eh , WM,EM: 1299 eh
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