Danish handball:

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    Danish handball:

    Well here is dialog me and Danish fella moderator last night , so take it out from there as you wish:

    ......danish team - slagelse - they have the possibility to win the triple this year as they are in the danish final + euro cup final : slagelse have met Ikast 3 times this season and have won all 3 meetings all there matches have ended over 60 goals
    beside Ikast played monday night there 3rd game so slagelse have had moretime to rest and prepare than they had......

    Danish ladys handball:

    slagelse - Ikast ....1....1.30 my local (have not time to look around)

    It was not easy but 30:29....., for those that bet on total 58.5 just about over....
    Well winn is a winn