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Pete Sampras hints at Retirement

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    Pete Sampras hints at Retirement

    Sampras Withdraws from US Open
    American legend hints at retirement.

    Pete Sampras will not defend his US Open title next month, raising speculation that the 14-time Grand Slam champion is poised to announce his retirement. Sampras, who has not played since beating Andre Agassi in the 2002 US Open final, said that "there's a good chance" that he will soon retire.

    Speaking to NBC TV at a celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe, Sampras said: "Not being at the Open this year, which I'm going to pull out of, and not playing Wimbledon - I don't miss it enough to really start training, start practicing, doing everything I have to do to be where I want to be. So it tells me it's a sign to say, 'It's probably time.'

    "I feel like if I wasn't going to play Wimbledon then that was probably it for me, so that's the way it goes.''

    Sampras has 64 career singles titles, including seven Wimbledons, five US Opens, two Australian Opens and 11 Tennis Masters Series titles. He held the year-end World No. 1 ranking for six consecutive years.

    Man konnte es ahnen... [[herby]] [[herby]] [[herby]]

    (Quelle: www.atptour.com)
    ~~rIde That TuBe~~

    Schade eigentlich, der wohl beste und kompletteste Tennisspieler aller Zeiten geht... Bis auf -vielleicht- Roger Federer scheint es auf lange Sicht erstmal niemanden zu geben, der in diese Fußstapfen tritt....


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